As the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) become widely known, there is growing confusion over the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. You should know that CBD oil and hemp oil are different. In this article, we’ll look at the differences between them.

The tendency to confuse CBD oil and hemp oil stems from the fact that they come from the same plant. However, there are significant differences between them.        

They come from different parts of hemp plant: While CBD oil is extracted from flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant, hemp oil is gotten from the seed. Although this may appear to be inconsequential, it is not. CBD oil may contain up to 18-20% of CBD, while hemp oil may have only 3-5% of CBD.

Varying presence of THC Level:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main and compound in cannabis that makes you feel high. Hemp oil and CBD oil have a different level of THC. The latter has a far lower THC level. As a matter of fact, CBD isolate oil may contain 0% THC. This is why CBD is non-psychoactive.

CBD Oil offers more medicinal benefits: The higher concentration of CBD in CBD oil gives it a lot of health benefits. CBD has been found to be effective in curing a range of health problems like heart diseases, acne, anxiety, and sleeping disorder.

Hemp oil also has some health benefits but it has a lower CBD concentration. Nonetheless, people still use Hemp oil to cure their several health issues.

Different extraction methods: Extraction is another differentiating factor between CBD oil and hemp oil. There are many methods of extracting CBD oil is from the plant. On the other hand, hemp oil is created by pressing the seeds of the plant. The different extraction methods make CBD oil a bit more expensive than hemp oil.