As you planning to start using CBD oil? Well, one of the things you may have to confront is prevailing myths and misconceptions about this product. In this article, we’ll look at five common myths and misconceptions about the hemp oil.          

CBD oil does not offer medicinal benefits:

There is a misconception that CBD oil does not offer any health benefits. This is not true. Studies show that CBD can have a positive impact on our health. In fact, today scores of people across the world are using CBD oil for various conditions.  

Hemp oil may get you high:

Since CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant, it is natural for people to have this misconception. However, CBD oil simply doesn’t have the potential to make you high. This is because it contains a very low concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD contains no more than 0.3% THC, which is too small to cause any euphoric effect.

Only adults can consume CBD Oil:

CBD oil is not only safe for adults, but for all age groups including kids. Studies show that CBD oil can have a positive impact on the health of kids. Not to mention that the low THC level makes this oil a safe option for kids. However, it should be noted that more research is needed to conclusively prove that CBD oil is indeed safe for kids. With that said, studies so far have been positive.   

Buying CBD oil without prescription is illegal:

The fact is that you do not need a prescription to buy CBD oil or any other CBD product. This is because it is not a psychoactive substance. Also, the 2018 Farm Bill approved the cultivation of hemp plants in the U.S.

Hemp oil and CBD oil are the same:

This is by far the greatest myth about CBD oil. Scores of people still confuse hemp oil with CBD oil. However, hemp oil and CBD oil are two different things. While they both come from the same plant, Hemp oil is largely sourced from the seed and CBD Oil is sourced from CBD-rich stalks and leaves of hemp. They also contain different THC levels.